ined up around tha t grounded vessel and people on board bustled around, making preparations fo▓r the construction of permanent facilities. In response to China&rsquo

e Secretary of National De

the vessel ▓it ran aground at Ren’ai Jiao was placed there as a permanent Philippine government installation. This was an apparent attempt to provide an excuse for its continued refusal to fulfill its undertaking to tow away that vessel in▓ order to illegally seize Ren’ai Jiao. China immediately▓ responded that it

was shocked by this statement and reiterated th▓at it would never allow the Philippines to seize Ren’ai Jiao by any means.99. In July 2015, the Philippines stated publicly that the so-called maintenance repair was being done to fortify the vessel.100. To sum

fense Voltaire Gaz

Image One

up, by ▓running aground its military vessel at Ren’ai Jiao, then promising repeatedly to tow it away but breaking that promise repeatedly and even ▓fortifying it, the Philippines has proven itself to be the first to openly v▓iolate the DOC.101. Over the years,

the Philippines has invaded and illegal▓ly occupied some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao and constructed various military ▓facilitie

s thereupon in an attempt to establish a fait accompli of permanent occupation. These moves have grossly violated China’s sovereignty over the relevant islands

the Philippine

and reefs of Nansha Qundao and violated the Charter of the United Nations and basic norms of international law.▓ii. The Philippines has increasingly intensified its infringement of China’s maritime rights and interests1

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